New Deep Down Gameplay Video Focuses on Co-Op Elements

A new video of Capcom’s PS4 exclusive Deep Down has surfaced showing a few of the enemies the players will be facing while they trek through dungeon like caves, traps as well as co-op gameplay.

While the combat of the game seems quite similar to Dark Souls franchise although a bit more refined and fluid with amazing visuals befitting the current generation hardware, the game does seem to have a slightly comical touch to it (loot chests exploding into a huge monster with the chest for its torso).

The co-op part started with 2 players, both starting at different locations of the zone and slowly making their way towards each other, fighting various enemies in between. The synchronized movements of both players and simultaneous attacking seem to translate really well in the game.

The 4 player co-op portion has the players fighting a large number of various enemies in an arena like environment and finally facing a giant boss, taking it down with well-planned and strategic team attacks.

At the end of the video, the developers also show how the modern world looks in the game. The futuristic New York City of 2094 is a sight to behold!

Deep Down is set to be released exclusively for PS4 but so far there has been no release window announced.