Zelda-like Elysis Combines Items In New Demo

Zelda-inspired games are at an all-time high lately and the latest demo of Elysis will only make a lot more people think back to those classic days. In this top-down adventure with roleplaying game (RPG) elements, you cruise around dungeons, picking up items that help you solve puzzles.

For its latest demo, there are 2.7 dungeons to explore, whatever that means. It includes 2 boss fights, over 20 monsters and a multitude of primary weapons and secondary items.

While Elysis is obviously old Zelda titles incarnate, complete with pots, plants and 90 degree sword swiping, it does build on the model to provide more than just pixel art nostalgia. One of its most common tricks is to tie additional attacks to a timed swipe.

Triggering an extra hit at the end of the animation cycle of the first can have varying effects. For example, a fire staff will only emit the flames necessary to solve puzzles with the use of this mechanism.

Another interesting idea in Elysis is the ability to customize weapons through a craft model that pairs it with other items. This can alter the item completely, improving it with more power or switching it from a regular attack to more timed precision.

Through the use of certain weapons, the main character can also improve their stats that make them more proficient in combat. There are really some great ideas in the game so far.

Elysis is one of several titles to pick from Zelda titles fairly directly lately. As we reported, the latest Adventure Time game will use A Link to the Past and Shadowcrypt even tried its hand at Zelda II.