Wii U is the Second Most Popular Console in Germany

Several reports today suggest that the Nintendo Wii U is currently the second most popular console choice in Germany.

In the lead is the PlayStation 4 with 540,000 units sold. The Wii U comes next with 350,000 units sold in the country, which is just 200,000 units behind the PS4.

Nintendo could actually come close to Sony’s mark with a couple of new hit releases. Falling behind both of those consoles is the Xbox One, which has sold just 170,000 units since its release last November.

Of course we need to also consider that the Wii u has been out for a year longer than the other consoles.

However, that said, we all know the terrible pickle the Wii U was earlier this year. It’s a miracle that it’s trying to get back on its feet and looks to be succeeding. At least the numbers are better than anything we could had imagined at the start of the year.

It’s also being said that the demand for the PlayStation 4 in Germany is six times that of the Wii U, while that of the Xbox One is less than the Xbox 360.

A leading contributor to the sudden Wii U sales is probably Mario Kart 8 which helped the console sell in many part of the world and not only in Germany. With future titles such as the new Zelda to look out for, Nintendo could yet crunch out more numbers.

Source: 4Players