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New United Eleven Season Adds Squads, Loans And Mobile Notifications

Publisher Nexon Europe has completed their first season of United Eleven, their latest free-to-play title. For the new championship, it will update the football manager with the latest changes from the real world as the 2014-2015 timespan starts.

Changes include relegations and promotions from teams across several leagues. This will see 38 new clubs come to United Eleven in total.

Some focus also goes to the previously lacking Netherlands and Portugal leagues that made them a less favorable choice for chemistry reasons. In the newest season, 15 teams will be added to their domestic groups.

To follow in accordance to the 2014-2015 line-ups, some players will be retired from United Eleven, such as the legendary Ryan Giggs. These will no longer be available in player packs, but they will remain a part of your squad if you already acquired them.

Similar things are true for relegated players disappearing. Additionally, licensing issues will see the real names of some athletes be turned into fictional ones and their likeness removed.

In the new season, United Eleven introduces a loan system. This allows you to send squad members to train abroad, which will increase their skills. It’s a good way to include the rest of your roster that just stayed in waiting until now.

The mobile inclusion of United Eleven is now also a bit more manageable, as live notifications can tell you if you need to intervene on any injuries, suspensions and so on.

Finally, United Eleven will be holding a 1-on-1 tournament later this season. It will hold a real prize pool of 720 Euros, though its worth is noted from in-game currency that will be rewarded to winners.