Stream Sees Swat Team Point Guns At Streamer “Kootra”

Unfortunately, “SWATting” is a thing that’s consistently happening in the game world right now and it has affected another personality this week. This act that consists of faking a severe distress call to dispatch an armed SWAT team to someone’s house has come around to Jordan Mathewson, alias Kootra, while streaming gameplay from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Kootra is part of content creator team The Creatures, made up of other members like UberHaxorNova and SlyFoxHound. During a live stream yesterday at their office in Colorado, the session was disturbed by background noise.

At first, it looks like Kootra is quite aware of the swatting farce going on in the background, even slightly preparing for it as it’s audible that people are “clearing rooms.” Even before the team is at the door, the streamer puts up hands, before getting live firearms pointed at them.

Things get real and shockingly aggressive really quickly from there. Kootra is kept on the ground with a boot in the back, as several officers surround the “suspect” with rifles.

Within a minute of the intervention, the streamer is now pulled up, with hands cuffed and legs spread. An officer removes Kootra’s phone, while another nonchalantly appears to go through it moments later, without any semblance of consent.

Things eventually cool down, but just as a reminder, this goes on live on stream and means that onlookers are pretty helpless to witness this event. More worrisome, the stream is later taken offline by the officers, as they learn that the intervention was being broadcast.

Unfortunately, in this case, The Creatures weren’t the only people affected. Kotaku reported that other buildings, such as schools, were put on lockdown over concerns of bomb threats.

It seems like the event is over for Kootra, as noted in an earlier Twitter message: