Here is Some Project Cars PS4 Direct Feed Gameplay Running at 1080p

Playstation Access on Youtube has shown some gameplay footage (direct feed) of Project Cars running on PS4. The Racing Simulator is being developed by Slightly Mad Studios using the very dynamic Madness Engine.

The new gameplay footage shows a three lap race on the Brands Hatch Track with some whether effects coming in to play mid-way of the race. The video also reveals the games support for Sony’s Project Morpheus virtual reality headset which is looking to give some competition to Oculus Rift which is also supported by Project Cars.

The game also features something called the Helmet Cam, which is a rather new addition to this genre.

It’s being build on an improved version of the Madness engine with more processing power available in next-gen consoles, it allows the introduction of a dynamic tire model named “SETA”, rather than the steady-state model based on lookup tables, as seen in previous generation simulations.

To accommodate differing skill levels, Slightly Mad Studios offers gamers (with or without a digital wheel) various driver aids and input filtering methods.

Project cars will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One this year sometime in the month of November, with a Wii U release coming in 2015

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