At One Point Splatoon For Wii U Was Going to Star Mario

Splatoon, an upcoming online squad-based shooter for the Wii U, nearly starred Nintendo’s popular plumber as the main character.

The bizarre news was revealed by Shigeru Miyamoto himself while speaking in the latest issue of EDGE magazine:

There were heated debates over who the main player character should be. Whether it should be Mario, or a squid. When we talked about the possibility of it being Mario, of course we could think of the advantages: anybody would be willing to touch it as soon as we announced that we had the new Mario game. But at the same time, we had some worries. If it were Mario, we wouldn’t be able to create any new IP.

What is there to not love about Mario or his inclusion in any Nintendo game. It must be said though that Miyamoto’s reasoning is very plausible. The Wii U requires new names and new titles right now to breath life in the struggling console.

Rehashing another Mario game just for the name alone would had ended up badly for the company who already is portrayed as a company who loves to release Mario titles just to meet ends.

Splatoon was one of the surprise announcements made by Nintendo at E3 this year. The game’s mechanics involves players using color-based ink splatters to move around the stage and taking down the opposing players.