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Minecraft Devs Discuss Differences Between Xbox One and Xbox 360 Versions

Minecraft is going to release for Xbox One pretty soon and to tell the fans what will be coming in the new gen edition of the game, Mojang’s chief word officer Owen Hill and business development boss Daniel Kaplan gave an interview to Total Xbox.

First of all they talked about how the world transfers from Xbox 360 to Xbox One will work. Here’s what they had to say:

We don’t want to get anything wrong. The save gets copied to a cloud, but a separate cloud to the one we’re used to when we put our saves on Xbox.

It’s just for Minecraft, basically. You go into the game, you choose, upload your save file to be transferred later by the Xbox One. Then when you upload, you go Xbox One, it pops up, and you say,’OK, download this one’.

Developers also said that the previous gen players of the game should go for the latest version as it will provide them with a 36 times bigger universe.

In an answer to another question, the developers stated that the upgrading of the game will just require an Xbox 360 copy of Minecraft.

So long as you put a disk into the 360 you can upgrade and I think that people will probably be taking advantage of that fact.

He has a point about that as some of the people might try to take copies of the game from their friends and try to get upgraded to Xbox One version with way less money.

It was revealed just a couple of days ago that Minecraft is in final phase of bug fixing and it will be given to Microsoft for final testing by the end of this week, and then we will know about the fixed release date of the game.

If you want more information, then read the whole interview of the developers at Total Xbox.