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Madden NFL 15 Online Bug Fixes Underway

Madden NFL 15 is finally available for players in the US and the EU version is scheduled to launch tomorrow, however as many games these days, there have been a number of bugs plaguing the game since launch.

The good thing is that EA Tiburon, the developers behind the title are hard at work and have even implemented a few bug fixes.

Through a series of tweets, Madden Senior Game Designer and Lead Designer of Madden NFL CFM (Connected Franchise Mode), Josh Looman announced the fixes which have been implemented in to the game for Online league.

The fixes include various balancing ones, changing the Speed and Hit Power costs along with a few others such as the “Ability to progress Power Moves” and “Cost of scouting speed”.

Looman also assured fans that the developers are looking into the issues preventing User vs User stats, including wins and losses from being registered for many players, and a solution will probably be available pretty soon.

If the issue turns out to be server side, fixing it shouldn’t really be a problem, and players would once again be enjoying the Online world of Madden NFL, however, if it is some bug in the game, client side then it might take some time to fix since a patch will have to be developed and then released across all platforms.

Madden NFL 15 is available now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: Operation Sports