Want to Join Stargate Command in Star Citizen? They are Hiring

One of the most popular Kickstarter based projects, Star Citizen still doesn’t have an official release date but it is already looking like the game is a whole damn universe that has millions following every move that the developers make.

If you have been one of the keen observers, you would know all about fan made organizations in Star Citizen. Stargate Command is one of them and if you are looking to join an organization, you would be pleased to find out that they are currently recruiting!

So what exactly is Stargate Command in terms of Star Citizen, you might ask, and what really is their role? You can find everything about them on their organization page or read what they have to say:

Not long after the creation of Roberts Space Industries, and in a time of great upheaval and unrest for space minded pilots and explorers everywhere, adventurous spacefarers stepped forward into the darkness of space. One such heroic group rose from a colony and flotilla, and would soon bear the name Stargate Command (SGC). It eventually expanded to become a great inter-system power, bearing the same values upon which it was founded, and would contain a brave breed of people from every walk of life and every race.

They currently have just over 50 members and obviously that is not a figure that they can boast about. Star Citizen is supposed to be released sometime next year.