GTA V to Release on PS4 and Xbox One on November 1st?

While Rockstar has said nothing about the release date of the upcoming next generation version of GTA V for PS4, Xbox One and PC besides that it will be sometime in 2014, it seems that British video game retailer GAME might have some clue as to when players will be able to roam the streets of San Andreas with the new and improved visuals on their PS4 or Xbox One.

According to the twitter account of GAME’s Croydon store, the game has a provisional release date of November 1st.

Now that might not be a shock for many people since it seemed impossible that such a huge game would be making its way to players before the fourth quarter, having just been announced in the 2nd quarter during E3.

When asked as to the guarantee of this release date, the store’s reply was that the release date was on their internal calendar and if somehow it were to change they would notify the customers.

While the time for the release is ultimately drawing close and it is expected that retailers will have the correct dates directly from publishers, it could still turn out to be just a rumor and the actual release might be even later in the year, possibly around Christmas.

Let’s hope Rockstar takes notice of this tweet and releases and official statement confirming the date mentioned by GAME.