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Eve Online Dev CCP Shuts Down SFO Studio, Senior Staff Members Leave

If you are a diehard fan of the Eve universe and everything interrelated that goes on at CCP, you would always want to stay updated with everything that goes on at the studios that made your favorite games.

However, the news we have this time might come as a shocker to some of you. The developer has announced the closure of their San Francisco studio and with high ranking staff members leaving the company.

While they are purporting that all this has been done with intent to ‘combine and simplify’ the operations of the company and to bring the focus to their headquarters in Reykjavik, it could also mean something serious for CCP.

Nonetheless, here’s what they have said in a recent financial report:

As part of their plans to merge and streamline their operations CCP has closed office in San Francisco and two of the company managers, Joe Gallo and CFO David Reid Marketing, which are located outside the cities CCP has offices in will leave the company.

The notable official who left is David Reid their chief marketing officer. Reid had joined CCP back in 2012 when Dust 514 was supposed to get launched; he looked over the marketing of the title at that time.

Some of the long standing fans of the Eve Online and of Dust 514 would remember him for his interesting speeches at FanFest as well as his interviews that brought in a lot of light on the projects of CCP.

The other key staff member who will be departing from the development studio is Joe Gallo, the chief financial officer of CCP. Gallo had been with them for over five years.

How do you think this will impact CCP and Eve?