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Rest Assured, Beards Will Ultimately Come to Destiny

Destiny is going to launch in just over a week and in a new interview to Kotaku, the game’s director of production Jonty Barnes stated that the most requested feature after the beta tests was the inclusion of beards in the game.

Here’s a funny one for you – this was a surprise – beards. I am not kidding you. The amount of requests for beards – and this isn’t just people, this is cultures as well that find them very important.

The dialogue that’s going on in the studio is ‘we prototyped beards at one stage and we were looking at it, but it wasn’t a priority – but now maybe we should be thinking about that in a very serious way.

He went on to say that the discussion of introducing beards in Destiny is going on for quite a while now and all the people at Bungie who are in charge of graphics are ready to go with it and include the beards into the game.

However, it will take some time as Destiny is about to launch in just few days. However, Barnes assures that beards will definitely become part of the game, but he cannot give an exact release date for them.

Destiny is set to hit the shelves on 9th of September for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Would you like to see beards added to the upcoming shooter?