Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Will Diversify Multiplayer With Supply Drops, Trailer Inside

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has received a new trailer showcasing multiple rewards that will be given to you in the game with a new loot system and this new looting system is named as Supply Drops.

Supply drops will give you incredible items if you manage to complete certain challenges in a given time. You can expect more than a thousand items to be received through this new system which will include weapons, character gear and reinforcement.  All of the mentioned items are given in three rarities – enlisted, professional and elite.

The weapons you will earn through the supply drop loot system will not be ordinary as they will be a step up from the regular weapons and will give you an advantage in the game’s competitive multiplayer.

On the game’s launch day, the online multiplayer will contain almost 350 customized weapons that will be ready to be unlocked by the players. Moreover, you will be able to customize these weapons even further with earned attachments.

In addition to weapons, there will also be character gear available with these supply drops, which will give you a lot of ways to customize your multiplayer character.

So, keep playing and keep receiving these amazing goodies through the newest feature to the game which is looking quite exciting. Get more details on this feature in the video attached above.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is set to launch on 4th of November for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.