Breach & Clear: Deadline Goes Behind The Scenes

Developer Mighty Rabbit Studios is making a new isometric shooter in association with Gun Media. In their latest developer diary, they go behind the scenes to show their inspiration for Breach & Clear: Deadline.

This second iteration of their strategic shooter series will switch to catering to the undead fans. You’ll still be moving in with a squad to clear out buildings, but this time with zombies roaming around.

One particular theme the group wanted to work on is seeing what happens “when hope dies.” They wanted to reflect that in their game world as much as possible, which can also be seen in dark concept art.

Breach & Clear: Deadline includes composer Jason Graves. Previously, the artist worked on games like the Tomb Raider reboot or the Dead Space series, so that should provide an insight on some gritty material.

Gun Media is said to have focused mostly on consulting, before the team decided to go another way and create a game together. Initially, the first Breach & Clear was a roaring success on mobile platforms, coming in on a top position in the sales charts.

Still, since Breach & Clear: Deadline will be a PC exclusive, it doesn’t mean that the developers can replicate their success. Moreover, Mighty Rabbit Studios previously showed skepticism towards the PC crowd.

Last month, the developer spoke out against bundles, after their previous release of Saturday Morning RPG didn’t manage to sell. They attributed this to bundle deals destroying their long-term revenue.

Breach & Clear: Deadline will make its way to Steam on Early Access this fall, in association with publisher Devolver Digital and Gambitious. Gameplay footage in the clip is said to be in pre-Alpha state.