Alone With You Announced Exclusively For PS4 and Vita in 2015

Benjamin Rivers, creator of the popular indie horror title Home has announced today at PAX Prime that his next title, Alone With You, is set to release next year exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and Vita.

The game is described as a sci-fi exploration title where players fill the shoes of the last surviving member of a failed terraforming colony. To make matters worse, the planet is set to disintegrate in less than a month. There’s only one escape pod left which is not functional.

Together with your only companion which is an AI, you must work together to escape the planet before its inevitable end.

“Constant communication with the ever-present A.I. is the key in this narrative-driven adventure, and together, you will discover details about your former colleagues… and maybe even fall in love along the way,” reads a press release.

The game focuses heavily on exploring half a dozen unique areas where you must find clues and other items to ensure a safe trip home. In this journey, you’ll also piece together the puzzle telling you what exactly happened before the colonists met their end.

A specific release date has not been given, expect for a 2015 time frame.

Source: PlayStation Blog