The Sims 4 Livestream Featuring Build Mode, Gallery And More

In a recent The Sims 4 livestream conducted by Maxis, the developers shared some more details about their upcoming title. While the main focus of the stream was on Build Mode, some insight regarding the Live Mode and Gallery was also shared.

For players who love building stuff in Sims games, there are five to eight rooms available for each room category like bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen and so forth. Styled rooms can be unlocked through career rewards which means artist sims can unlock studio rooms while chefs can unlock kitchens.

As for the walls, there are three heights available and each has its own corresponding door height. Whether these heights are adjustable or not is still unknown. Foundations however can be adjusted through a slider which would automatically adjust the size of the rooms in the house.

To make building even faster and easier, there are tools to automatically add windows and roofs. Players can even build floating rooms without any support underneath them.

An entertainment object called the Motion Gaming Rig was demonstrated in the Live Mode. Sims can play games like Tetris in that specific machine and use their hands to virtually move the blocks around the area.

In Gallery, players can share an entire house or pick out individual rooms to display. Anything uploaded to the gallery gets saved locally in the player’s PC.

Highlights of the livestream can be seen here while players wait for The Sims 4 to release for PC on 2nd September.