Simburbia Mod Will Let You Play SimCity in Minecraft

What are the key features of a SimCity game? There is a player who is the mayor of the city (you), there is an advisor and there is a city you run. Interestingly, a modder has brought all this – and more – to Minecraft in the form of a mod called Simburbia.

What is more interesting that an add-on for a game as popular as Minecraft that doesn’t even need any other mods in order for you to play it? All you have to do it download it and install it; the mini game is powered by vanilla Minecraft scripts.

The only thing that you are going to need in place before it can be installed is the 1.8 pre-release version of the game itself.

As you can see from the trailer above, you will be able to experience the same game features in a small scaled first person perspective. You will have all the features like keeping track of money, population count, happiness of the citizens, expansion and development of the city as well as defending it against disasters.

If you like the video above, you may check out the website of the modder who has created Simburbia for Minecraft and read up all you want about it.