PlayStation Network Maintenance Takes Place Tomorrow

The scheduled maintenance of the PlayStation Network will now take place tomorrow, Sony Computer Entertainment has announced.

According to the announcement made on the official PlayStation Blog, the maintenance will span across 13 hours, between 10 a.m. EDT to 11 p.m.. During this time PSN account services, PlayStation Home, and PlayStation Store will be inaccessible.

However, Sony has said that those already logged into the PSN during the maintenance will still be able to play online. This will work for all PlayStation platforms – PS3, PS4, Vita.

The maintenance was previously scheduled to take place on Monday this week but was then postponed following a series of DDoS attacks on the weekend that left the service down for most of Sunday.

It’s possible that the maintenance begins a few hours earlier than the designated time.

The past week has seen to a group called “Lizard Squad” take responsibility for various DDoS attacks that have effected many online game services, including League of Legends, HeartStone, Path of Exile, RuneScape, EVE Online and more.

You can never really protect yourself from such attacks, but you can minimize the damage done.

Source: PlayStation