Mario Kart 8 to Get Two New DLCs Bringing 6 New Characters, 8 Vehicles & 16 Tracks

Nintendo has revealed two new DLC packs for their hit game Mario Kart 8, which will bring six new characters to the game alongside eight new vehicles and sixteen new racing tracks.

However, you will have to purchase both of these packs if you want to have all the fun. Check out details on each of them given below:

The first DLC Pack is called “The Legend of Zelda X Mario Kart 8” (Release Date: November 2014) and it will be available at the price of $7.99. It will contain 3 new characters – Tanooki Mario, Link and Cat Peach alongside 4 new vehicles and 8 new race tracks.

The second DLC of the game is called “Animal Crossing X Mario Kart 8”, it will also be priced at $7.99 and will release in May of 2015. It will also come with three new characters – Isabelle, Dry Bowser and Villager alongside four new vehicles and eight racing tracks.

In addition to the aforementioned bundles, there is also another bundle which contains the items from both of the DLC packs and will cost you $11.99. This DLC will contain all six characters, sixteen racing tracks and eight new vehicles.

In a related news, the owners of Mario Kart 8 will be able to download a free update of the game as of today, which will bring new Mercedes Benz cars to the game and tweaks for some of the features.

Both of these DLCs are looking great, find more about them on Nintendo store.

Are you looking forward to get both of these DLCs?