LucasArts Used For iOS Star Wars: Commander Clan Clasher

Disney, who now owns the soul of the LucasArts studio responsible for games, has put out Star Wars: Commander this week on mobile devices. It’s a strategy title on iOS and iPad, but will eventually come to Android as well.

There’s a poignant similarity to address in Star Wars: Commander. It’s as much of a copy of Clash of Clans as the remodeling allows it to be.

You can pick a faction between Rebel or Empire and move on to construct a base, set up defenses and train soldiers for an army garrison. Those ranks then serve to protect your own base and they can be sent out to invade others.

Star Wars: Commander is also a free-to-play release and can be adjusted by buying into in-app purchases that yield in-game resources.  All these things are also present in the massively popular Clash of Clans release.

Just this week, Microsoft had a similar take by announcing Age of Empires: Castle Siege. It also uses one of their known properties to rebuild the model exactly as the current mobile trend.

In Microsoft’s case, however, it makes sense to have a strategy title with base building come back to its own scope. In the Star Wars brand, there are so many other paths to take other than a static building title.

Star Wars: Commander is a much more deliberate copying attempt.

When Disney shuttered the LucasArts studio, it tore down projects it was working on, such as Star Wars 1313. It showed real promise to provide a big spectacle title.

If you’re holding out on a great Star Wars title, EA is still working on Star Wars Battlefront 3.