League of Legends Update 4.15 Patch Notes, Champion Azir Incoming

League of Legends has finally received patch 4.15 and Riot Games has released the patch notes for the update as well. That is not all, the developers have also revealed a new champion: Azir, the emperor of the sands!

First things first, the patch 4.15 will be featuring more on the bug fixes and clarity tweaks instead of balancing changes. All these come alongside a certain level of buffing to Gnar that will improve the ‘feel’ of the champion over all.

The client patcher and landing page have been newly revamped and will lead to a greater level of improvements to the pre-game experience. Then, a new Master Tier has been introduced to the game that will be placed between Diamond I and Challenger Tier. The tier is aimed at providing competitive visibility to the region’s top players.

Summoner’s Rift is getting its final polishing touches and once that is done the finished pieces will be patched to the live game. This way, the final size of the patch that is going to bring in Summoner’s Rift will be less hefty when you download it.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will be able to play them, just that they will take up space in your hard disks until the patch is finally released.

As far as Azir is concerned, he is after all an emperor so he likes to order around his minions – the sandy warriors. The minions are quite potent and come packing a lot of direct damage however, there are other tradeoffs that will balance them out with the rest.

You may check out the full patch notes of League of Legends update 4.15 here.