How to Access Dark Souls 2 Crown Of The Old Iron King DLC

For those who played Dark Souls 2’s Sunken King DLC, it shouldn’t be hard to access the latest one titled Crown of the Old Iron King.

However, there are some players who might be confused or playing the DLC for the first time. Well this guide should help them easily access the hours of carnage the DLC offers.

To be able to access the DLC content, players must be able to reach the Iron Keep Primal Fire (and of course own the DLC or season pass).

Once players own the DLC and update their game to the latest version, a Heavy Iron Key will appear in their inventory under the Keys section.

Players have to travel to Eygil’s Idol past the treacherous walkway chamber and inside the metal cage area.

Those who don’t have the Fast Travel point will have to get to the area through the room before the Old Iron King boss arena. It shouldn’t be hard to miss as there are four fire breathing statues in there. A ladder in the room leads to a partially hidden bonfire.

Simply travel to the Old Iron King primal bonfire and enter the room which appears near the back of the area. You will notice that the room wasn’t there before and is a new addition.

There will be a statue in the room, interact with it and it will teleport players to the Brume Tower entrance. Those interested in some co-op fun can drop markers here and summon other players.

Opening up the Brume Tower requires the Heavy Iron Key which is already in the player’s inventory. The key however will only work if players have the Ashen Mist Heart from the Ancient Dragon, which can be found in Dragon Shrine.