GTA 5 Online Source Code Suggests Military DLC – Face-Paint and VTOL Jets Incoming?

Following the release of the flight school update,  we learnt that GTA fans might hear some more good news soon. “GTA 5 Online” is apparently planning to introduce a new Army DLC update soon.

The Army DLC will feature new items including face paints, tattoos, dog tags, and more. If the source code is to be believed, this new edition might go live sometime this fall.

Some more hints regarding the DLC came via a video posted on Youtube by Domislive. According to the video, descriptions found  in the source code for previously released 1.16 update contain a  mention of face paint in the form of this following line: “if mparmy exists make 9 army face paints available to purchase.”

Other reference code in 1.16 update also points to the toggle feature for Vertical Flight mode in which the player can randomly switch between hover mode and normal flight mode in Grand Theft Auto Online.

There is also a following comment line in the source code: “these were added to mp_pilot_dschool.txt in 1.16.” It seems this file never existed before the release of update 1.16.

More news regarding the update is expected the coming weeks and we will keep you update as soon as the the story develops any further.