Escape Dead Island Announced to Release on November 18

There always are a number of people who never get tired of the zombie based games, movies and TV series. Just for that reason, there always is an upcoming title that goes raging about a zombie apocalypse. The one we are talking about right now is Escape Dead Island.

The game is being developed by Fatshark and is going to be a spinoff of the main series that goes by the same name. While announcing the game’s release dates, Ryan Avery of the publisher Deep Silver gave a short description of the story:

Cliff Calo sets out to impress his father by filming the zombie documentary of a lifetime, but through his eyes, players will discover what it means to question their sanity as reality slips away. With an increasingly more unpredictable world comes the ever-growing zombie horde. Players will need to fight for their lives using makeshift weaponry and in some cases rely entirely upon stealth-based gameplay in order to survive the undead.

The developers are claiming that Escape Dead Island is going to act as the missing link between the original Dead Island game and the sequel Dead Island 2. In the game, your playground is going to be an all-new island known as Narapala. Here you will be able to fight the zombie as well as unearth the secrets behind the zombie virus itself.

Escape Dead Island is going to be released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows on November 18 in the North American territories and on November 21 in the rest of the world.