Epic Games is ‘Shocked’ at How Fable Legends Uses Unreal Engine 4

Ever since Lionhead Studios announced Fable Legends, it has proven to be one of the most awe-inspiring works of graphics. We all agree on that, but it was a shocker for me when the makers of Unreal Engine 4 (the engine that Fable Legends uses) were also shocked at how good the game looks.

Vice president of business development at Epic Games, Ray Davis was talking to X-ONE recently when he surprised everyone with his remarks on how Lionhead Studios was making use of the Unreal Engine 4.

He went on to say that even they were shocked to find out that they were already at such a level of creativity.

Coming from the studio that is actually the maker of all iterations of Unreal Engine, that is surely saying something about the graphics of the game. Not to forget the mastery that Lionhead seems to have pocketed with the development team of Fable Legends.

“The Lionhead guys, they’ve been great partners and we are really impressed with the direction they went with Fable Legends. It was honestly quite shocking the first time we got a look at it, like, ‘Holy crap! We didn’t quite think we were at this level yet! It’s been awesome, especially as we’ve had the opportunity to take something like Fable’s light propagation volume code and bring it back into UE4 proper, and share it with any developer. So that’s been a great collaboration.”

Fable Legends is being developed as an Xbox One exclusive and still doesn’t have a release date; however, it is expected to come out sometime next year.