Early Access Interstellar Marines Banks Over $1.5 Million, 100,000 Units Sold

Developer Zero Point Software is one of the few success stories currently going through Early Access on Steam. Their shooter in development, Interstellar Marines, was able to cross 100,000 units sold.

Making things more impressive, this sum puts the revenue tab for the company at over $1.5 million and growing. An Early Access copy is currently $18.99 or €16.99 on Steam.

To make Interstellar Marines even more interesting, other than its higher production values, one purchase comes with an additional Steam copy to give out to someone. That way, you’ll always have someone to play with, since the focus stands on five versus five and eight on eight matches in multiplayer.

Moreover, Interstellar Marines wants to grow into a co-op experience and it’s nearly ready to provide just that. In the latest update, the developer has announced the release date for cooperative play on September 18, 2014.

Currently, the game has 8 maps with both indoor and outdoor environments. Dynamic lighting makes up a big part of the gameplay design.

As darkness can arrive at any minute, players can be forced to switch their approach with a flashlight in hand. There’s a choice in either skulking around quietly or exposing yourself with light to take out opponents.

So far, the response from the community for Interstellar Marines has been mostly positive. Maybe it has to do with the fact the Zero Point Software markets the game as follows:

Think Half-Life meets System Shock, giving birth to Rainbow Six in space!

A word of caution though: High sales figures don’t necessarily mean a fairy tale ending. Previously, Towns quit development, even after shifting hundreds of thousands of units.