Dragon Age Inquisition Will Feature Multiplayer Co-Op, Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Bioware has revealed that the upcoming RPG Dragon Age Inquisition will feature multiplayer component for the first time and it will be a lot like the fast paced gameplay of Mass Effect 3.

Bioware posted a FAQ on their official website, where they wrote that a four player co-op of the game has been in development for the last couple of years and it will be a completely separate mode from the single player campaign.

Following the success of Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode, Dragon Age multiplayer includes fast-paced matches requiring strategic team gameplay while adding Inquisition’s tactical class combat and extensive loot and crafting systems.

In addition to co-op play in the game’s multiplayer, there will also be an element of crafting which will let you create stronger weapons for yourself, which can be utilized in the battles against the enemies.

At the game’s launch, there will be total of twelve characters to choose from in multiplayer with four representing each class (Mage, Warrior and Rogue).

However, after the launch the developers will add more classes and characters to Dragon Age: Inquisition to spice up the co-op gameplay even more.

The level cap on the other hand has been kept pretty low as the maximum you will be able to level up is 20. After that, you will be able to promote your player with attribute points and with promotion, you will also be able to have better ranking on leaderboards, but Level 20 will be the end.

After suffering a minor delay, Dragon Age: Inquisition will see the light of day on 18th of November on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

[Update]: A new gameplay trailer for multiplayer has been revealed. You can check it out above.

Source: Dragon Age