Destiny Beta Had 850,000 Players On Moon At Once, Highest Bungie Number Ever

Concluding the now famous Destiny Beta, developer Bungie was able to collect some critical data to improve the game. They talked about their conclusions in a recent Playstation Blog post.

Naturally, one of the key parts of the event was to see if their servers could swallow up the massive activity. At some point near the end, the company even opened the floodgates to have anyone who downloaded the Beta participate.

Despite the staggering amount of activity, online connections stayed mostly stable throughout the Destiny Beta. Millions upon millions of missions were played.

An interesting statistic to come out of the new data is how Bungie managed to funnel critical service peaks. During the Destiny Beta, it was possible to do a moon mission for just a few hours, which had 850,000 people going at once.

According to Bungie, this number was a higher concurrent player count than in any other title they’ve ever released. Also interesting, the developer mentioned that it had purposely put in certain problems, so that they could see how that unfolded, to prevent it later on.

More data was collected to see where players were active on the Destiny Beta maps. They could oversee hot spots, notice if people were falling off the map or find out if a choke point that’s supposed to have traffic was being obstructed somehow.

These points could be used to alter the game world as we know it. We’ll still need to wait for Destiny to officially release on September 9, 2014 for that.