Battlefield 4 is Being Played on PS4 More Than PC

Battlefield is one of the biggest military shooters around and is really popular among PC gamers or should i say, was popular.

64 players multiplayer in battlefield games was previously only possible on the PC hardware but with the release of Battlefield 4 and next-gen consoles like PS4, the tables have turned.

Users playing Battlefield 4 on PS4 have exceeded in numbers when compared to the PC version of the title. PC was always considered the platform of choice for playing Battlefield games but the latest installment was so messed up that PC gamers just gave up on it?

According to BF4 Central stats, that might be the case.

The heat of the contest is on as the new consoles are giving some serious competition to PC. When the game launched, PC was the lead platform in terms of the number of users playing the game on PC hardware but as you can see from the states, PS4 has been in the lead for several months now.

Consoles were always considered the underdogs but with franchises like Call Of Duty and Battlefield now choosing Consoles as lead development platforms, PC is somewhat being neglected and the best example for that is the amount of issues Battlefield 4 had on the platform compared to its console counterpart.

It has been almost a year since Battlefield 4 came out and still from time to time we see patches and updates rolling out for bugs and fixes. I agree that development cycles are tough to maintain, there is a lot of pressure to meet deadlines and minor issues/bugs might even be somewhat acceptable but the extent of issues with Battlefield 4 is really disappointing.

Battlefield 4 no doubt had issues both on PC and consoles but the game was hit with the hardest on PC with users reporting screen freeze, sound loops and game crashes among a long list of issues. Considering that battlefield first started on PC it is disappointing how DICE released an unfinished product for the platform.