Aerena: Clash of Champions Update Adds, Changes A Bunch

Developer Cliffhanger Productions’ Aerena: Clash of Champions is a strange beast. This free-to-play title has introduced a new update for its mix of turn-based strategy and multiplayer arena games.

In the massive Aerena 2.0 patch, players can expect a lot of new content, such as some new champions. For starters, the INCquisition gets the Hammer, a tough metal mech suit.

Additional fighter Taeyang introduces passive skills directed at specific factions. Taeyang gains bonuses against any pirates and is fitted with 7 HP and 2 base damage.

Another champion, Skyblade, can sacrifice units on the tile grid and take their place for an area of damage that denies kills. Skyblade is part of the Aether Junkies and has 6 HP, as well as 2 melee damage.

The user interface of Aerena is altered in the update as well, switching the world map for a menu. Moreover, context info is improved on the battlefield.

Aerena also introduces daily objectives to go along with new main missions. A tutorial should be enhanced as well.

Given Aerena is partnering up with eSports company ESL, the game is putting effort into its League Tier. In the update, the competition will now be divided into some Subtiers.

Another part of the update is user generated content. This goes for ships and champions alike.

In-game prices have been slashed, playing matches yields shield packs, practice matches have been altered; there’s a ton of changes made to the game, which can be found in the changelog.

Aerena is available through Steam, but also offers cross-platform gameplay through iOS and Android versions, if you want your tactics on the go.

Cliffhanger Productions is also the team responsible for Shadowrun Online and Jagged Alliance Online. That’s a pretty nice pedigree to have under your belt.