Wargaming.net League Season Four Gold Series Finals Announced

Free-to-play PC title World of Tanks will be the center of the Wargaming.net League Season Four Gold Series Finals, which will be held in Germany. In association with eSports company ESL, the culmination of this championship will be hosted at the ESL Arena and ESL Studio 1 in Köln.

Six European teams will participate in the event, namely VPRO, EPS, SB, KAZNA, CPLAY.TT, and TCM. It will take place between August 30 and August 31, 2014.

Teams will be fighting over a sizable amount of cash. For the top spot, €30,000 is reserved, while the total pool in prize money goes up to €100,000.

Given the eSports hook, you’ll be able to catch the finals through live streams on Twitch. Both Wargaming and ESL will open their channels to broadcasts for the tournament.

Additionally, people tuning in can win some prizes for World of Tanks. This includes invites, additional codes and some goodie bags.

There are also prizes to be won by following social media feeds and that sort of thing. It depends how much trinkets you’d like to win.

If you’re more the active type, World of Tanks will have some unique missions to go with the event. From August 26 to September 1, you can win 50 battles for 15 Automatic Fire Extinguishers or earn a total of 100,000 experience to win coated optics.

One of the teams from the Wargaming.net League Season Four Gold Series Finals, TCM, has a video up for their team captain, David “Thorus” Kautzky. It talks about his life and how they got into World of Tanks.