Sunset Overdrive Video Goes Behind the Scenes

A new video released by Insomniac Games today quickly takes us through the various elements of Sunset Overdrive.

Those who have been following the upcoming open world shooter will not find anything new to munch upon in this video. The contents of it act more to summarize all the reveals of the game that we have experienced so far.

While the gameplay offered by Sunset Overdrive looks fun, the main attraction, at least for me, is the game’s vibrant and colorful open-world. Let’s also not take away the game’s focus on cooperative multiplayer.

Earlier this month the game’s director Drew Murray stated that Xbox One cloud servers come in very handy for the online matchmaking. According to Murray, the game utilizes the cloud and dedicated servers to load the entire city on the servers and yield a seamless multiplayer experience. That sounds pretty nifty on paper.

Another major highlight of Sunset Overdrive is its extensive character creation and customization process. Alongside the usual gender, ethnicity, and body type options, players will also be bombarded with thousands of choices in terms of apparels, body art, and more.

In fact there’s a category for every part of the body that further branches out into different sections. There’s not a thing that you might think off which is not present in the game’s customization options.

Sunset Overdrive is scheduled for release on October 28 exclusively for the Xbox One.