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Sony Files For Sangeki no Sanso Trademark, Might Be For Until Dawn

Almost a month ago, on July 29th Sony Computer Entertainment filed a pretty interesting trademark with the Japanese Trademark and Patent Office. While the name of the trademark was pretty intriguing in itself, what was more interesting was that it was filed pretty close to GamesCom 2014.

The trademark titled “Sangeki no Sanso” was filed under the games category and means “Mountain Villa of Tragedy” in English. Now here is the interesting bit, Sony’s upcoming PS4 exclusive Until Dawn, which was to make an appearance at GamesCom, is actually set in an abandoned villa on a mountain.

However the plot thickens here since Until Dawn actually received its own trademark from the same Patent Office the day before Sangeki no Sanso so it doesn’t really make sense filing trademarks for the same game again.

At the time it’s unclear as to what the patent could really be about, it could be a tagline for some other game or even Until Dawn. On the other hand it could be one of the many projects Sony picks up and then ultimately ‘abandons’ like The Last Guardian.

More information can be expected once Until Dawn is announced for Japan, most probably during the upcoming Tokyo Game Show.