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PSN Goes Down Yet Again, Sony Working to Resolve the Issue

Update: Sony seem to be restoring the service.

Original Story
Reportedly PlayStation Network has gone down again but at this point it’s unclear whether it’s due to maintenance or another DDoS attack by Lizard Squad.

However, Sony has confirmed the problem regarding the Playstation Network and has stated that the engineers are working towards a solution.

Network Update: our engineers are aware of the issues and are working to resolve. We’ll keep you posted – sorry for the inconvenience

Though it’s unclear why this happened but a series of tweets from the hacking group Lizard Squad seems to indicate that it might be another DDoS attack by them.

DDoS attacks are quite common these days considering how hackers have targeted different online gaming services and online games, Sony should have taken serious measures to make sure they aren’t one of them.

As far as  Sony is concerned, they Should fix the problem as soon as they can and work to ensure such incidents don’t become an inconvenience for PSN family.

Is PSN down on your side as well?