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PlayStation 3 Optional Update 4.65 is Now Live, Brings System Stability

Sony on the official PlayStation twitter account has revealed that a new update 4.65 is now live for PlayStation 3, which is a minor optional update that has been released to improve the stability of the system during the use of some of the features.

However, as mentioned above, this is an optional update and if you are not interested in updating then there is no harm in it, but again, staying up to date has its own perks.

In a related news, the latest PSN maintenance didn’t go as planned, as a group calling themselves LizardSquad attacked the network with DDoS, but now, everything is in order and PSN is working fine.

The maintenance has now been delayed to an unannounced date, which means that you can continue your gaming experience just like usual.

It is good to see Sony giving importance to PlayStation 3 alongside the new PlayStation 4 as there is a large community of players who are still using the last-gen platform and were experiencing some issues while using some of the apps and features on the console.