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Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team Pro Pack Bundles and Prices Detailed

EA’s Madden NFL 15 is going to hit the stores today and a lot of regular players of the series have been asking about the prices of Ultimate Team bundles in the game and now, we have them!

First of all, you will need to have Madden Points to spend in the game as there will no longer be an option to spend Microsoft or PSN points in the latest entry in the popular series.

Check out the pro pack bundles available in the game this time around in the image given below:

Madden NFL 15

As you can see that the pro pack bundles are reaching up to 60 pack bundle, and if anyone of you is unfamiliar with the Pro Pack should know that a single Pro Pack consists of at least one gold or elite player alongside an amalgam of nine other players and some items.

If you want to see how the prices for Madden points will work, then check out the image below:

Madden NFL 15

12,000 plus 2000 makes it 14000, and it is a good deal for anyone who just wants to delve into the Ultimate Team mode of the game.

Madden NFL 15 is in stores as of today, and above-mentioned pictures are your initial guide to available bundles for the game.