Hazard Ops Is Officially Out And More Metal Than Ever

Whether you like to call it Hazard Ops or Zombies Monsters Robots doesn’t really matter; what matters is that the shooter is officially released. It’s a free-to-play multiplayer title on PC with both cooperative and competitive modes.

For its release, Hazard Ops offers two new game modes. Its first, Turret Defense, builds on the wave-oriented assaults that it used in the past.

So, while you’re still trying to protect yourself from oncoming hordes of weird zombies, samurais and what have you, you’ll also protect a sphere from getting pummeled by periodically setting up defenses. Of course, helpful structures will cost resources to place and managing it all will be required to win.

In the second addition, Mech Wars, it’s possible to crawl into a giant metal suit and blast everything in sight. This comes with your rockets, guns and other destructive powers, as well as a jet pack for added mobility and evasive maneuvers.

More impressive still, there are 15 new weapons in the new version and 4 added costumes. Then, just to go all-in, there are 8 new maps: Power Struggle, Metro Plaza, Rail Barren, Dangerous Quarry, Doomtown Abbey, Convergence, Minesweeper, Polar Disorder.

Hazard Ops has updated its leveling element to be a bit faster as well and supply drops have been improved. It’s a lot of new stuff.

If that hasn’t sold you, then take a look at the launch feature trailer. It’s metal as all hell.

Hazard Ops knows exactly the type of audience it attracts with its unserious pitch. In the trailer itself, it states: “There’s a story?” No one cares, as long as you get to kill giant dinosaurs with missile launchers.