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GTA V Online Gets 10 More Rockstar Verified Jobs

The list of Rockstar verified Jobs for Grand Theft Auto Online continues to grow with the recent addition of 10 more jobs involving various races, a couple of deathmatches and some Capture jobs, all created by the GTA V Online community.

The newly added races will cater to all sorts of speed junkies, whether they love burning the Asphalt, making insanely high jump stunts or blowing up some desert sand and mountain gravel with the Sanchez bike.

To test the true skill of a driver, social club member Nadisna created the Rebel Rodeo race where skill and control over the vehicle is far more important than just slamming the accelerator and achieving maximum speed.

The deathmatches take place in somewhat urban areas. Jakeperiphery’s Rail Yard, Railed Out will have players fighting in a rail yard with lots of places available for cover. Sounds kind of boring? Well those covers are useless if someone manages to get to the rooftop and grab the Sniper rifle.

The Capture Jobs will truly test a team’s potential of working together as one unit. DezeWevos’ Raid: Claustrophobia is what the name suggests. A huge playground which seems smaller thanks to the tight knit prop placement which are key to surviving here and allowing players to dash from cover to cover. The Job also makes for a great 1v1 arena.

You can read about all the Jobs in detail here and try them out in game. Be sure to share your thoughts below once you have experienced them on Xbox 360 or PS3.