GTA Online Flight School Contests Extended After DDoS Attacks on PSN & Xbox Live

Were you sad that the recent DDoS attacks on PSN and Xbox Live didn’t let you take part in the GTA Online Flight School Contests? Well, Rockstar is giving you an additional day now!

If you are an avid fan of GTA 5 you would have visited the Rockstar website where they keep posting new updates every now and then. Recently a post was made announcing the GTA Online Flight School Weekend and the contest events that it was going to bring for you.

Now although the weekend itself is over, sadly, that time was hit hard by massive DDoS attacks by hackers on PSN and Xbox Live both. So the developers announced that the deadlines for the Flight School Snapmatic and Creator Contest had been extended by another day.

This was announced through an update posted to the original post:

The San Andreas Flight School Weekend is now over. Due to some PlayStation Network and Xbox Live downtime issues this weekend, we’ve extended the #FlightSchool Snapmatic & Creator contest deadlines to tomorrow night.

Although it is hard to fathom but if you haven’t heard of these two before, the Snapmatic is actually a contest for the best of pictures featuring the new content that came with the Flight School.

Top five pictures get GTA$ 1M as well as a ‘milehigh’ vanity license plate for their vehicles along with being featured on the Rockstar Newswire.

As far as the Creator Contest is concerned, it also gets you the GTA$ 1M but apart from that brings you an ‘aviator’ license plate. The competition is about user created air races.

So who is up for the GTA Online Flight School Contests?