First Developer Diary of Hellblade Released

Ninja Theory has released the very first developer diary video for its upcoming title Hellblade.

The video, broken down into two parts, takes us behind the scenes of the game’s debut trailer which was shown at Gamescom 2014 earlier this month. According to a post made on the game’s official blog, the purpose of the teaser trailer was to make the viewers intrigued and to set “the game’s tone and quality.”

The video below shows how the team worked on creating the trailer which was shot entirely in Unreal Engine 4. Low on time and with a budget of only a few hundred pounds, the team decided to use a member of the staff for the motion-capture parts, rather than an actress for the protagonist’s model.

Here’s a look at the trailer again when it was in its early stages of development.

Ninja Theory has also released high-res screenshots of the props used in the trailer, as well as the original concept arts and storyboards.

Hellblade is going to release first on the PlayStation 4 and then later for other major platforms. While it does look to be linked to Heavenly Sword, Ninja Theory has stated there’s no such connection.

The game is in development by 12 people only and will be single-player only. There will be no open world experience and the player will play from a third-person perspective. The combat has been revealed to be solely focused on sword-play.

Source: Hellblade