EA Sports Titles Expected to Generate $1B From Extra Content This Year

Present and upcoming sports titles from EA Sports are expected to fetch $1 billion this year from the sale of extra content alone.

That’s a lot of zeroes for additional game content and makes you wonder if publishers have started liking it to cut off content from the main game, only to provide it later on for a specific fee. The controversial subject has found many to side against EA and its practices.

John Reseburg, a spokesman for EA, marked Madden NFL 15 as a “major contributor” that will help them reach the above mentioned figure of $1 billion.

That said, last week it was revealed that several items in Madden NFL 15’s Ultimate Team mode can only be obtained through money. There’s no option of redeeming them through the game’s progression or the in-game currency. The prices are said to vary between $0.99 for 100 points and $99.99 for 12,000 points.

Last year, the revenue generated from the sale of Madden NFL extra content grew by 350 percent. Reseburg however declined to comment when asked whether EA expects the sales this year to be as strong as last year.

Judging from recent news, it really does look like EA expects the revenue from Madden to be greater than last year’s.

As for the main game itself, industry analysts Doug Creutz of Cowen & Co. expect it to generate more than $350 million in revenue. This includes sales of the game at the retail price of $60 and the additional extra content.

Source: Bloomberg