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Destiny Will Not Let You Trade Items With Anyone

September 9 doesn’t sound too far now, but before we get our hands on Destiny, we are always looking for more information on what to expect when the full game arrives.

In order to facilitate that need, Bungie has been funneling out weekly updates based around commonly asked questions. The update that came this week brought forth a small news that could be called unwelcome – to say the least.

During the Q & A, the developers confirmed that Destiny is not going to feature in-game item trading among the players. Item trading is something that many of the fans had anticipated to divulge into and I am already guessing that they might not like the idea.

However, Bungie has its own reasons. They said that you will be able to trade items ‘only with your enemies. Trade your ammo for their loot,’ and then asked if we ‘know the best way to deliver ammo to a Cabal Centurian?’ oh well of course we know how to get a headshot! The post went on:

As for swapping irons in the Tower? Nope. We want you to earn ‘em. You should be able to tell a badass story for every sweet jewel in your arsenal. Once you earn them, the various Guardians under your account will be able to trade them, but weapons belong to the players who acquire them through action and bravery.

Now I am not saying that an item trading feature is essential for a game like this but we all like the MMO feeling and it surely propels that further. Anyhow, would you miss swapping items with your fellow Guardians in Destiny?