Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Devs Talk About Story, Kevin Spacey and More

Sledgehammer’s Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare has been in development for the past three years, and devs had a lot of time to show the fans how a true next-gen Call Of Duty game should be like in terms of gameplay and visuals. And i feel the majority of the fans will agree, if I say that so far, Advanced Warfare hasn’t disappointed.

As I said the game has been in development for the past three years and according to Glen Schofield, “That’s an extra year to polish your levels, work on your levels”.

In comparison to previously released installments, devs had a lot to share and that’s because of that extra one year, which really helped to create a better experience as co-founder Michael Condrey adds:

“We have more to show than we normally would at this point, which is really good because it’s next gen and it takes a lot more [to impress]. We were able to start the story a year earlier, so there’s so much depth and so much more detail in the story.”

Advanced Warfare is the story of Private Mitchell’s career at a moral-less Military Corporation known as “Atlas”. Corporation is being run by Jonathan Irons played by none-other than Kevin Spacey.

No Doubt, Kevin is an amazing actor but how deep does his involvement and performance go in the game?. Condrey explains:

“We went out with the goal of creating a phenomenal story and then attaching performances that really kind of drive it into your heart,”. “There’s nothing PR-driven about this, we cared about having him because frankly he’s one of the greatest living actors today.”

“We have a minimalistic type of HUD,” Schofield said. “It’s actually in the world, on the gun, that sort of thing. We use augmented reality to tell you where you are and give you your objectives, with new vision modes and threat detection.”

This indicates that story sequences included in the game will be purely and simply about character development, he also stated:

“What we want to do is take that information out of the upfront movies, where we want to talk about the story, and bring it into the game where that’s the most important part – where am I going to go, what am I going to do.”

Since the game’s reveal it has received a positive feedback and anticipation for the upcoming shooter is through the roof. Set in the year 2054, it is obvious that soldiers will be carrying some high-tech futuristic equipment.

And in that eqipment, the new Exoskeleton suit is the most talked about. The suit completely changes the way battlegrounds feel to the players and is somewhata fresh and welcomed change in the franchise.

The good thing is, the players will have the option to choose whether they want to use the suit or not (separate playlists) because some players who are used to the old COD style might not like the change at first.  Exoskeleton carry’s the ability to boost jump, cloak, and thrusters to dodge sideways in order to avoid attacks.

Advanced Warfare will be launched on Nov 4, 2014 for all major platforms. Are you hyped about the game? What do you think of the Exoskeleton suit? Share your thoughts opinions about the story in the comments below!

Source: TotalXbox