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AMD Partnering Up With Creative Assembly For Alien: Isolation

Developers favoring a specific graphic card manufacturer for their game is nothing new. Ubisoft does it for almost all their games, adding Nvidia GameWorks support to the game hence giving players with a GeForce gpu a slight edge over those with AMD.

Well now its AMD’s turn, as they have announced in a recent press release that they will be partnering up with Creative Assembly for their upcoming title, Alien: Isolation to deliver an unparalleled experience. Since the game is developed in close partnership with AMD, it will have native support for various AMD features such as Eyefinity technology and AMD CrossFire.

Clive Gratton, lead programmer for Creative Assembly said: “AMD has graciously helped us augment that engine for the PC with a number of effects, such as contact-hardening shadows, compute-based particles, HDAO and DirectX 11 tessellation.”

Gamers who are looking to jump on the AMD bandwagon and utilize the exclusive features offered in the game can get a complimentary copy of the title with their purchase of specific R9 family graphic cards from retailers keeping the Never Settle: Space Edition. The promotion is set to begin from 2nd September.

While adding exclusive features to a game can be beneficial for some players, others are left out and in turn complain.

Even AMD spoke openly against this move, criticizing Nvidia for making such deals with developers which result in other companies not being able to provide proper support when it came to drivers and such.