50 Minutes of Civilization: Beyond Earth Footage Released

Civilization: Beyond Earth has gotten over fifty minutes of gameplay footage, courtesy of developer Firaxis Games.

Lead designers Pete Murray and David McDonough start off by explaining a few keys aspects of the upcoming sci-fi entry in the Civilization series. That is followed by them starting the game and showing us the first few steps in building your civilization.

The video would explain it better but from the various courses, players have to pick out sponsors for compositions of colonies, decide where to spend perks points which can end up giving you a big boost at the beginning of your play or a large advantage at the later stages.

The developers also revealed that the build which is being previewed in the video is running on AMD’s new Mantle technology. That’s good news for those who are not in the mood of upgrading their rigs specifically for the game.

Civilization: Beyond Earth is looking gorgeous and from the initial previews, it will drain resources once your civilization gets going. The successful support of Mantle ensures that you’ll still be able to enjoy the game at medium or higher settings.

Interested players can now pre-order the game and attain the Exoplanets map pack which features six different planets using specialized scripts that randomly generate different geographic layouts with every game.

  • Kepler 186f: This lush forest planet is one of the oldest known Earth-like planets.
  • Rigil Khantoris Bb: Orbiting the closest star to the solar system, the historical records of this arid continental planet’s settlement are well-preserved.
  • Tau Ceti d: This planet of seas and archipelagos features a booming biodiversity and a wealth of resources.
  • Mu Arae f: Tidally locked in orbit around a weak star, the southern hemisphere of this planet is a blistering desert where the sun never sets, while the northern hemisphere is perpetually in frozen darkness.
  • 82 Eridani e: An alien world of scarce water and wracked by tectonic forces
  • Eta Vulpeculae b: A mysterious new discovery with unknown terrain.

Civilization: Beyond Earth is currently slated for release on October 24 for the PC.