Yakuza Zero: The Place of Oath, Next Entry in Yakuza Series Unveiled

Sega previously revealed that the upcoming Yakuza title will be unveiled to public on 24th of August and people were pretty excited about it, however, the announcement just gave us the name and platforms of the new entry in popular series and it’s called Yakuza Zero: The Place of Oath.

This new title from Sega will be coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, but it is still not clarified whether the game will be making its way out of Japan this time around or not.

Previous title to be released in other regions was Yakuza: Dead Souls, and since then Yakuza 5 and Yakuza Ishin have been released but none of them made their way out of Japan.

More information on this newly revealed title is expected to be given at upcoming Tokyo Game Show, which is scheduled to begin on September 18th.

Hopefully, the developers will also clarify at the event if the fans out of Japan will be able to get their hands on Yakuza Zero: The Place of Oath.

Why do you think developers added Zero to the name of upcoming Yakuza title?

Source: Ryu-ga-Gotoku