Win Fenix Rage Levels, Then Bake Cookies For Real

Developer Green Lava Studios has a new trailer out for Fenix Rage, their reflex platform title headed for Steam and consoles. It features a set of levels where the objective is to get a cookie.

Aside from its cartoon visuals and 2D setting, some may attribute Fenix Rage to Super Meat Boy through its fast pace and tons of obstacles. Every stage is filled with moving monsters, gaps, environmental hazards and so on.

In this game mode, players need to dodge and fly their way through shifting enemies, climbing on surfaces and breaking through walls to grab a cookie. Doing so, you’ll be able to unlock real-life recipes.

You’ll be able to dive into a list of ingredients and try to replicate the result yourself. We’re not too sure who exactly would go through that effort, but it certainly is original.

Regularly, Fenix Rage is much more of a twitch reflex thing. Players are hyper mobile, capable of changing direction quickly even while in flight, which will see them weave through the many traps in the game.

There are also some mini-games included for a change of pace. Over 200 levels are available in all.

Fenix Rage has received a first release date along with its gameplay trailer. It will come to Steam on September 24, 2014.

Developer Green Lava Studios hails from Costa Rica, where it resides in a tropical rainforest. Gaming truly is a global trend.

Aside from Steam, Fenix Rage will make its way to Xbox One and PS4 in early 2015.