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New Tearaway Unfolded Features for PS4 – Touch Pad, Light Bar and More

Media Molecule has its own chunk of fans that dote on games like LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway. While the former was released for multiple platforms, the latter only made its way to PlayStation Vita.

That would change in 2015 with the release of Tearaway Unfolded to PlayStation 4; but what exactly does the game come packing?

Well, we know that the game is going to be the same as it used to be on PlayStation Vita except that this time it will be played on the big screen. However, there are certain features that could be called new or half-new.

For instance, the developers shared a list of things you would be able to do in Tearaway Unfolded thanks to the latest generation of technology as well as the features of Dual Shock 4.

You will be able to use gusts of wind to throw down enemies or unfold rippling bridges using the touch pad or use power of the same wind to push forward your messenger in a paper plane – best way to explore the universe!

Then you will be able to make use of a really interactive feature where the messenger throws objects at you from inside the game and you can sort of catch them in the controller to throw them back. While they are caught in the controller the objects keep rattling which shows their presence.

If your character is in a dark and gloomy place, the light bar of the controller will help you in that regard. Shine the light on the TV at the dark spots and they will get illuminated. The touch pad will also be used to propel the messenger into the air and to squash drum skins by pushing and releasing the button.

There will be more about Tearaway Unfolded as we move on but that is it for now. How do you like the new features?