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Sons of Anarchy Game is Not For Consoles, Will be Available for Tablets

Creator of the FX Biker Drama, Kurt Sutter revealed that Sons Of Anarchy Game will only be available on Tablets, not consoles.

Back in may 2012, Kurt said that he changed his decision regarding Sons Of Anarchy being a browser based game because he wanted it to be a “real” title for consoles but has now announced that it won’t be available on home consoles.

He stated that developing the game for consoles “take a while, but it’s the right way to go.” But that was before some problems with the game started to pop up when Kurt himself posted on Twitter that “”I’m done”. “No interest from industry, little support from Fox. It B dead.”

This past Friday during his TwinGalaxies show on YouTube, ” Sutter said that the Sons of Anarchy game will be a “very high-end tablet game.” He further said that he has seen a demo of the game and it is shaping up to be “really f***ing awesome.”

The game is set to launch sometime this fall and the story will presumably tie-into the shows story. More information about the game is expected to come along with some screenshots in this week’s episode on “Kurt Sutter’s Intercourse”.

So stay tuned to segmentnext as we will be updating you on the story as soon as fresh details come in.